Shark Week Must-Haves

Shark Week is right around the corner, and our family is in full shark mode! Like most people around the world, Shark Week is a huge deal to us! Over the years it has almost become a tradition to gather around the TV and watch different documentaries about sharks, while also learning what we can do to ensure that these awesome creatures stay around for a long time. What better way to get my daughter into the Shark Week mood than with a few new shark-themed toys! The Knot-A-Shark is an adorable hands-on DIY to create an adorable shark blanket. I thought this would be the perfect craft to start off our Shark Week adventure. Of course Shark Week wouldn’t be complete without a Great White Shark, so naturally I had to toss in an adorable Great White Shark Stuffed animal into the mix! Do you and your family watch Shark Week? If so, how are you preparing? Don’t miss out on these super cute Shark Week must-haves!20180611_201201.jpg

ALEX DIY Knot-A SharkALEX DIY Knot-A-Shark comes with everything you need to make every week Shark Week. Create your own snuggly, terror-of-the-deep blanket, that you crawl inside of, ideal for naps, sleepovers or binge-watching your favorite show. Stitch together the shark’s face with pre-punched fleece and felt pieces, then knot the sides closed and add a tail. When complete, the project measures 42in. x 60in. Includes 5 pre cut fleece shapes, 15 pre cut polyester felt shapes, 3 colors of cotton embroidery floss, needle and easy instructions. Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

Great White Shark Stuffed Animal Our great white shark stuffed animal is part of our exclusive line of Cuddlekins ultra-plush wildlife toys. Specially designed to look like real the thing while still being incredibly soft and irresistibly squeezable. Every Cuddlekins plush is made with—and for—love. Cuddlekins sea creatures range in size from 15-20

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