Nanobébé Starter Set

Breastfeeding mothers across the US are celebrating the revolutionary brand, Nanobébé. Nanobébé has successfully created an all-in-one feeding solution which allows breastfeeding moms to pump, store, warm, and feed using one product! The nanobébé bottle protects breast milk and gives baby an experience second only to breastfeeding itself! Nanobébé’s revolutionary bottle shape allows breastmilk to be spread thin across the surface area and thereby warming quickly and evenly. The Nanobébé system works to protect the nutrients in breastmilk saving breastfeeding mothers a lot of time! 20180702_121300.jpgThe Nanobébé Starter Set is the perfect gift for any breastfeeding mother. The set comes with a smart warming bowl, four 5 oz bottles, four slow flow nipples, four travel covers, four storage caps, two breast pump adaptors, and two flexy pacifiers. The breastmilk bottles are designed to preserve breast milk nutrients and connect to most standard breast pumps, while the smart warming bowl enables quick and even warming. The silicone nipples are designed with advanced venting systems to reduce colic. This set truely includes some of their most innovative breastfeeding essentials. The creators of Nanobébé new exactly what they were doing when they created these products, as they are some of the best breastfeeding products that I have seen in quite some time.

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This collection is also available at Target!

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