Trix Trux – The Ultimate Obstacle Course

Believe it or not, my daughter is obsessed with cars. So when we got the chance to review these cool new Trix Trux she was totally on board! Trix Trux is a cool new way to play with trucks! It features flexible and bendable tracks to customize your own speedway! You can climb, hang, go backwards, pop wheelies, balance, and face plant on over 17′ of track! There are currently four vehicles to collect which include Monster, Special Ops, Super Van, and Hot Rod. Each vehicle comes with custom decals so the kids can customize their car however they’d like! We got Super Van, which is a cool yellow vehicle with bright green wheels. We didn’t even have time to customize our vehicle before my daughter threw it on the tracks to start racing. There are several super cool additions to the flexible track such as an aerial zip line, a tidal wave, a cliffhanger, and a monster ramp. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical that this tiny car would be able to go up a zip line or flip off of the tidal wave, but much to my surprise it flew through the track with no issues! The zip line was the coolest thing because we were able to set it up and connect it to our kitchen table! Once we were finished playing, we picked everything up inside of the on-the-go pouch for easy cleanup! This is a great little set for any toy car lover!

Learn more and purchase your Trix Trux on their Website

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