Hairdorables: Big Hair, Don’t Care

If your kids are anything like my daughter, surprise toys are a must-have in your house. There is something extremely fun about getting a prize, but not knowing what is inside. My daughter Kinsley was speechless when we received two of the BRAND NEW Hairdorable dolls from Just Play in the mail this afternoon! Hairdorables are collectible surprise dolls that feature out-of-this-world hair and super cute accessories! There are currently 36 dolls to collect (3 versions of 12 different characters) that each come with four surprise containers filled with accessories such as stickers, shoes, hats and much more! Each girl has a unique personality which shows through their different outfits and accessories. My daughter couldn’t wait to rip hers open and see who was inside!20180720_192904When Kinsley ripped open her first box we found DeeDee! DeeDee loves inventing new candy creations, baking sweet treats for her friends, and experimenting with cake designs. DeeDee came with a super cute hat, a whisk, a hair brush, stickers and shoes. The next box contained the super sporty Brit doll. Brit loves soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, archery, running, swimming, lacrosse, flag football, and more! Brit came with a cool neon pink soccer hair clip, Shoes, a brush, stickers, and a water bottle. My daughter loved that these dolls were a bit bigger than competitor products. These still contained small pieces that aren’t suitable for young children, however i thought it was a much better quality overall. The accessories stayed on and didn’t fall off, and the dolls were able to be moved into different positions. If I had to take a guess, I would definitely say that these will be a hit this coming holiday season! I will definitely be pre-ordering a few more to keep on hand for Christmas! Hairdorables are too cute to pass up! PicMonkey Collage

Hairdorable Girls:

Bella- Dance is my first passion, cheese is my second. I’ve pretty much been dancing since I learned to stand and, while I love all forms of dance, ballet has my heart! I just ADORE performing on stage at my local ballet company for my friends and family! Did I mention I also REALLY love cheese? 

Skylar- I love to travel, explore new places and write about my adventures on my blog. The world has so much to offer and some of the greatest treasures are in our own backyard! It’s always been my dream to visit my extended family in Hawaii and experience the food, beaches, and culture of my ancestors!

Harmony-  I absolutely adore all things musical – singing, song writing, and playing just about every instrument under the sun. My favorite thing to do in my free time is hang out next door with my BFF Noah!

Noah-  I LOVE sharing my silly stories, hair tutorials and life updates with all of you on my Hairdorables channel! I never expected it to take off like it did so I use it to feature all of my amazingly talented friends. I can’t wait for you to meet them!

Rayne-  I enjoy rollerblading along the boardwalk and feeling the ocean breeze. I spend most of my time outside getting in touch with nature and meeting new friends – just like you! Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a total sucker for anything rainbow-colored! Yass!

Neila-  My friends sometimes call me Princess Neila  because when it comes to outer space knowledge, I’m royalty! There is so much to explore out there! On a clear night, I can point out all the constellations and I spend hours gazing through the amazing telescope my parents got me. When I grow up, I plan to travel to Mars and start my own Galactic United Nations! Gotta dream big!

Kali- I love all things to do with science and technology, but my true passion is coding. I even have a few apps in the works! I love learning new things and trying out the latest tech gadgets – but I also find it fun to tinker with whatever vintage tech I can get my hands on!

Kat- Dog walker, pet trainer, and all-around animal lover at your service! In my free time, I take care of and train my neighbors’ pets and I enjoy volunteering at my local animal shelter on the weekends. My first love is my sweet Corgie, Gilly! When I’m not busy with my pet care business or volunteering, you can find me and Gilly snuggled up on the couch or practicing our tricks at the park!

Brit- I love being part of a team and I’ll do whatever I can to make my friends and family happy. I live and breathe sports – soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball, swimming, lacrosse, and more! If you can name it, I probably have played it. I’m often the smallest on the team, but I deliver BIG plays! I also stand up for those who’ve been bullied because at the end of the game, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, what matters is that we all played together and had fun doing it.

Sallee- People think I’m pretty shy, but usually I’m just imagining my next creative project. I love to draw, paint, sketch and sculpt – and nothing makes me happier than sharing my art with other aspiring artists! I’ve been making art since I was three years old and I pretty much always carry a sketchbook around with me just in case I get inspired. Have you noticed inspiration is EVERYWHERE?!

Willow-  I have a passion for fashion and I love to share my Outfit of the Day! No matter what style you’re into, your best accessory is confidence, own it!  My most fave thing to do is to help my friends express themselves and see them shine!

Dee Dee- I positively LOVE whipping up sweet creations in the kitchen! I am always experimenting with new flavors and textures. My specialty is cakes – I love making customized cakes of all shapes, sizes and designs that capture the personalities of my friends and family! I also dabble in candy creation (I invented a lollipop that helps singers go from squeakkk to LALALALALA)- It’s called the Lala-pop and its Harmony’s fave! Next up – I take on the macaron (that’s hard!)

Hairdorables are currently available for Presale on,, and Amazon, and will be in-store at all major retailers this Fall.  

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