Ear Band-It® Ultra

My daughter has had ear issues for as long as I can remember. We recently put in her second set of tubes, and learned that she has holes in both of hear eardrums. The doctor advised us to do whatever we could to avoid getting any water in her ears. We tried several different forms of earplugs, none of which worked for us. My daughter hates the feeling of earplugs in general, and it was such a hassle to get them in her ears every time she needed to bathe or swim. When she did decide to put them in, they always fell out quickly after. After doing hours of research, I stumbled upon Ear Band-It® Ultra. The Ear Band-It® Ultra is a swimmer’s headband created to to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place while engaging in water activities. The swimming headband is made of extra durable 3 mil neoprene with adjustable velcro® type closure. Ear Band-It®’s unique design offers ultimate comfort and protection for the ears. Ear Band-It® Ultra comes in several different sizes ranging from infant to adult, and also comes in a wide variety of fun colors. My daughter currently has neon pink, neon orange, and neon green in the child medium size. Since Ear Band-It® Ultra is velcro, we are able to ensure a secure fit each and every time we place the Ear Band-It® Ultra on her head.20180710_190902.jpgAlthough neoprene is not a waterproof material, it does a great job of keeping the majority of water out of the ear canal. Even if my daughter is out of ear molds, we still keep the Ear Band-It® Ultra on as an added layer of protection. My daughter’s surgery was in February of this year, and as of today (July), we have gotten GREAT remarks from her ENT. He has made note that the holes in her ears are closing perfectly, which means we have been doing a great job of keeping them dry. Now we recommend Ear Band-It® Ultra to almost everyone we run into at the water park. My daughter actually has several friends without ear issues who have requested an Ear Band-It® Ultra just because they’re so cute! I am so glad I stumbled upon this awesome product, and we will be wearing it for many years to come!IMG_20180524_140501_854.jpg

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