Dinnerly: Our First Look

We finally got to try out the Dinnerly food subscription box that I have been hearing so much about! According to friends and family, this box is just as wonderful as competitor brands, for almost half of the price! This week’s recipe options were Za’atar Chicken with Lemony Tabbouleh, Steakhouse Burger with Charred Tomatoes & Wedge Salad, Chinese BBQ Chicken with Pickled Cucumbers & Rice, Bacon & Corn Chowder with Toasted Garlic Bread, Roasted Red Pepper Panini with Fontina & Spinach, and Double Decker Tostada with Cheesy Black Beans & Corn. We decided to go with the Steakhouse Burger with Charred Tomatoes & Wedge Salad, Double Decker Tostada with Cheesy Black Beans & Corn and Bacon & Corn Chowder with Toasted Garlic Bread since all three of those take under 30 min to cook and were all listed as kid friendly.PicMonkey Collage.jpgEach recipe consisted of only 6 ingredients which I was blown away by. The burger recipe included lettuce, tomatoes, worchestire sauce, sour cream, garlic, and ground beef. The tostadas recipe included flour tortillas, baby spinach, corn kernels, lime, cheese, and black beans. Last but not least, the soup recipe included scallions, corn, bacon, rolls, and garlic. Everything was included except for things like salt, pepper, and oil. I do have to mention that my box was MISSING the beef for the steakhouse burger. If I would be a weekly customer, Dinnerly would have reimburse me for that recipe. Since this was a press box, I was unable to get a replacement and was not able to complete that recipe. Instead of including recipes in the box, Dinnerly saves paper by sending the recipes electronically.  I was able to pull each recipue up on my tablet and cook from there. IMG_20180629_083825.jpgMy daughter chose to cook the tostadas first since we are huge mexican cuisine fans.  This recipe was EXTREMELY easy and my daughter was able to help with most of the process. I was a bit iffy about this recipe simply because there was no meat involved. I wasn’t sure how I would like the beans as the main ingredient. Also, my daughter is extremely picky so I was a bit nervous about her not liking the texture. From start to finish, this meal took me about 20 minutes (less than what was expected on the recipe card). My food ended up looking EXACTLY like the photo on the card, so my daughter and I were pretty proud of ourselves. My daughter noticed the beans and immidialy decided that she didn’t like it. However, I must admit that it was delicious! I was extremely surprised at how flavorful it was given the fact that it only had 6 ingredients. My daughter gave in and tried it, and then asked for a SECOND serving! Anyone who knows my daughter knows that is a huge deal for us! Tonight we will be making the Bacon & Corn Chowder with Toasted Garlic Bread so I can’t wait to see how we both enjoy that recipe! 20180627_175714.jpgTaking into consideration the price per serving, I believe this meal box is great for families looking for an inexpensive way to introduce new meals to their families. I love that the meals are easy to prepare, and most of them are kid-friendly for picky eaters like my daughter. I do wish that I wouldn’t have been missing the beef for my steakhouse burgers, however even with that error I do believe this is a great box. I will be giving this box a second chance with next week’s recipes, and I am excited to see other meals that they introduce to their menu!

Dinnerly Pricing:

Two-Person Box: 2 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week/$5.00 per portion + $8.99 shipping= Total per week: $38.99

Family Box: 4 portions per recipe, 3 recipes per week/$5.00 per portion + $8.99 shipping=Total per week: $68.99

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