Nuby Reversible Teething Bib

Nuby is our #1 go-to brand for basically all teething accessories. I feel like they are always releasing new ways to help our kids deal with teething pains and making mom-life a whole lot easier. These new Nuby Reversible Teething Bibs are some of my favorite teething bibs on the market! These bibs are good for ages 0+, and are made of soft absorbent 100% natural cotton. The teething corner features multiple textured surfaces to chew on as new teeth break through, and since they are  BPA free they are perfectly safe for babies to gnaw on! I personally love how thick these bibs are which makes them perfect for drooling babies, and the patterns are so adorable and gender-neutral! These bibs are the perfect solution for keeping teething babies happy AND keeping their clothes dry at the same time!

Order These Bibs On Amazon20180408_172917.jpg

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