Nuby 3D Silicone Bib with Scoop Pocket

Hallelujah! The moms have spoken, and Nuby has heard our prayers! Finally a silicone bib with a scoop pocket created to catch falling food! The silicone bib is easy to wipe clean, and the scoop pocket helps catch any food messes before they hit baby’s lap! This bib is great for at home, but it is perfect for on-the-go! It is extremely easy to pack away in a diaper bag, and since it wipes clean there is no need to put it in a special bag until you return home! Simply wipe it off, roll it up, and put it back in the diaper bag! The design is absolutely genius! My daughter is four now, and this is something that I would have LOVED when she first began to feed herself! I remember changing clothes after almost every feeding! I can’t believe I didn’t find this sooner!

Order these bibs on Amazon!20180408_172943.jpg

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