Saucer Tree Swing from Play Wild

My daughter Kinsley loves playing outside, so any time I find a cool new outdoor activity I get excited. The Play Wild website features a ton of different cool products to play with outdoors, however the 40′ Saucer Tree Swing was too cool to pass up! The swing is fairly big meaning it could easily fit 2-3 children at a time. The weight limit is 400lbs, so even the adults in our home can join in on the fun! We received the Play Wild swing straps, so hanging this took less than five minutes and the kids immediately hopped on. The canvas and rope are crafted with super heavy duty material, so I am positive that this swing will last us quite some time. I really love that this swing isn’t made of rope since a similar swing that we tried in the past left us with some pretty severe rope burns. The canvas is nice and soft so we haven’t had any complaints. The kids spent hours outside swinging each other and twisting the swing in circles. At one point my daughter even sprawled out and pretended to take a nap! Overall we are extremely satisfied with this swing. It is a great addition to our outdoor activities and the kids look forward to coming over every day to hop on!

Check out the Play Wild website for more information!PicMonkey Image.jpg

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