JoJo Siwa Mini Mystery Bows

Is there anything that our favorite diva hasn’t done? The JoJo Siwa brand has recently released a new series of JoJo Siwa Mini Mystery Bows! JoJo Siwa Mini Mystery Bows are basically the same concept as other surprise toys. Each package contains two small collectible bows from the JoJo Siwa line. Since JoJo is known for her larger-than-life bows, I was unsure if her mini bows would have the same amazing quality as our 7″ JoJo favorites. Much to our surprise, these tiny little bows were FANTASTIC. Not only was the quality perfect, but each bow had the iconic JoJo Siwa logo clipped onto the corner. These bows are a lot smaller than what my daughter usually wears, but she was excited to put them in her hair and show them off. The first bag my daughter opened featured a plain white bow, and a plain pink bow. The second bag she opened featured a sparkly neon pink bow and a sparkly purple bow! I think these mystery bags are perfect for little JoJo Siwa fans, and my daughter is already asking if we can buy some more. I plan on using them as prizes when she does good at school or finishes all of her chores! Yet another product from JoJo that we can’t get enough of!

JoJo Siwa Mini Mystery Bows are available on Amazon!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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