Squish’Ums Skulls

We got four blind bags from the all-new line of slow-rise foam Squish’Ums Skulls! Each foil bag includes one scented Skull Squish’Ums and a checklist to see how close you are to collecting all 16 skulls! Surprise bags are such a hit with my daughter right now, so she was extremely eager to rip these open. She was also excited because one of her favorite movies right now, features tons of sugar skulls! The very first Skull Squish’Ums that Kinsley opened was a white skull with beautiful brightly colored flowers. It was super adorable! In true Squish’Ums fashion, these Skull Squish’Ums were extremely soft and opened back up pretty quickly after being squeezed.  My daughter couldn’t wait to rip open the other three blind bags, and luckily we didn’t get any repeats! She is extremely excited to get the remaining 12 skulls!

Learn More Here!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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