Radz Candy Dispenser & Radz Plusheez

If you’ve never heard of the Radz brand, you are definitely missing out! Radz are fruity candy with a fun twist! These candies are basically a 2-in-1 toy and snack! We received six Radz Plusheez and eight Radz candy dispensers. You can only imagine my daughter’s excitement when trying to decide which one to open first!  Of course it was no surprise to me when she chose the Princess Poppy themed Radz candy dispenser. The Racz came with a little bag of candy which we had to pour into the top of the dispenser. The top of the dispenser opens up pretty easily so loading it with candy only took a few seconds. To get a piece of candy, all my daughter had to do was push the dispenser’s top back and one little candy pops out. She was super excited to pop out all of her candy! The Radz Plusheez was a bit easier to use simply because it is a plush toy that only needs to be unzipped to grab candy, however my daughter much preferred the adorable trolls Radz! Both of these toys are perfect little “just-because” gifts! I can’t wait to purchase her a few more versions to add to her collection!

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