Fancy Feast Appetizers: Light Meat Tuna with a Scallop Topper

It is not much of a surprise that we are featuring another Fancy Feast cat treat. Fancy Feast is easily one of our favorite brands when it comes to our cats, Binx and Ellie. This month we are featuring the Fancy Feast Appitizer Cat Treats. These treats are fairly small (1.1 oz) and come in an easy serve tray. The size is perfect for a before-meal snack or even a mid-day treat! We decided to get Binx and Ellie the Light Meat Tuna flavor which comes with a scallop on top. This flavor was a huge hit, and I thought the portion was the perfect size! There was definitely nothing left in the bowl when they were done! Fancy Feast Appitizer Cat Treats are made with high quality ingredients and are grain free, so it is perfect for a complete and balanced diet. I can’t wait to let my cats try out some of the other appetizer flavors since this was such a huge hit with both of them.

Order Your Fancy Feast Appetizer Cat Treats Today!20180906_175325.jpg

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