Little Tikes Dueling Snowball Blasters

Can’t have snowball fights outdoors? Well thanks to the Little Tikes Dueling Snowball Blasters you can have snowball fights whenever and wherever you want! Little Tikes Dueling Snowball Blasters offer hours of fun with 2 Dueling Snow Blasters, and 30 blue and white balls! These blasters are extremely easy to use, which is why they are perfect for everyone in the family. Simply load the inflatable opening with balls, drop your knees on the soft air-filled launching pad, and the balls will launch across the room!Setting up the Little Tikes Dueling Snowball Blasters was extremely easy. Although it didn’t come with a pump, I was able to have both snow blasters filled and ready to go within a matter of minutes. I set one blaster on each side of the room, and split the balls evenly into two piles. When my daughter got home from school, we were ready for an all-out snow war! I was initially worried about using this set indoors, however the balls are extremely soft and didn’t cause any harm. You can also control how far the balls go by how much weight you put down on the launching pad. My daughter is four years old, but this set could easily be a blast (pun intended) for kids much older. Once our war was over, my daughter and I were able to deflate the blasters and store them back in the box. This is definitely a cute way for her to burn off some energy on rainy days, or take outside and battle with some of the neighborhood kids.IMG_20180916_183546_085Little Tikes Dueling Snowball Blasters will be available exclusively at Target starting  9/23/18

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  1. My daughter would have loved this when she was younger. She used to like to take aim at me across the house and get into nerf blaster battles. It was hilarious. I wish we had this when she was younger.


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