Halloween Candy Alternatives from GEDDES

Did someone say Halloween party? We are getting ready for Kinsley’s first Halloween party at school, and with some of the kids having food allergies, we decided to look for some awesome Halloween candy alternatives to give out this year. GEDDES has such a wide variety of pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, erasers and other supplies designed for school stores, classrooms, and education fundraising. I thought this would be the perfect place to shop in preparation for party day. Much to my surprise, GEDDES had a ton of awesome Halloween prizes to choose from! We received a huge selection of toys and prizes from GEDDES, and we can’t wait to hand them out on Halloween day! Not only are the products of exceptional quality, but most of the listings are much cheaper than traditional Halloween candy. That means we are making sure that all kids get to enjoy Halloween, while also saving a little money! GEDDES is definitely a one-stop-shop for all kinds of fun goodies!20180915_160626.jpg

What we received in our Halloween package: 

Mud Zombies Slime Toy– Slurp, blurp, phhhffft! Eww! These squeezable zombies spit our slime with a disgusting noise and then suck it right back in! Each comes with a small container of slime. There are 4 different zombie designs, and each package comes with 24 toys. (Kinsley’s Official Favorite)

Fangs PenTake a bite out of school work with this toothy pen! These Fangs Pens are sure to make any vampire, wolf, or ghoul cringe. A must-have for Halloween. These pens come in 4 different colors, and each package contains 12 pens.

Gross Out Goo– Gross Out Goo! Scented goos! These utterly disgusting novelty toys include vials of slime with 4 gross scents: Alien Earwax (orange), Sewer Sludge (red), Zombie Vomit (turquoise), and Ogre Snot (green)! There are 24 goo containers per package.

Monster Tip Topz Pencil– Tiny monsters have come to terrorize your school work and add a bunch of cuteness to your pencils. Monster Tip Topz Pencils are perfect for people who like things that straddle the line between crazy and cute. Colorful feathery locks adorn each monster-themed pencil. There are 6 different designs, and each pack comes with 24 pencils total per box. 

Boo Buddies Pencil With Giant Eraser– These Boo Buddies Pencils come with a giant eraser topper and are guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit. Ghosts, Skeletons, Vampires and more! There are 6 spooky Halloween themed pencil designs and 36 pencils total per box. 

Witches Broom Pen– It May Not Be A Nimbus 2000, but these Witches Broom Pens really fly when young wizards and witches need to write! Each ballpoint pen has a wooden broomstick barrel with a bristle broom topper. Each package comes with 12 pens.

Monster Pencil with Eraser Topper– Creepy and kooky, these monsters are sure to make writing fun! Each Monster Pencil is wrapped in a devilish design and topped by a terrifying creature from your nightmares! There are 6 different pencil designs, and each package comes with 24 pens total. (My Official Favorite)

Monster Highlighter– Studying can be scary and it sometimes helps to have a scary monster of your own! Creepy and kooky, these Monster Highlighters are sure to make highlighting fun! Every highlighter is topped with one of four scary monsters. Crazy eyes? Check. Razor sharp fangs? Check. Pointy horns? Check. Freaky colors and unsettling forms? Check and check! These highlighters come in packages of 24.

Candy EraserThese Candy Erasers are a real treat! These cute little erasers are a wrapped candy shape and come in purple and yellow dotted designs. So sweet to erase with! Each package comes with 48 erasers. 

Scary Springer Pen–  These haunting holiday pens have springy Halloween toppers that wiggle while you write. Each assortment’s ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and skulls do their best to scare you silly, but their wiggling mostly brings out the giggling. Each package comes with 12 pens. 

Spooky Pen– Spooky Pens are here to make your Halloween even more frightful! Each Spooky Pen is topped with a detailed skull that will send shivers down your spine. Each pen barrel is wrapped with a design of scary skulls that stretch for miles. This is the ultimate Halloween pen and a must-have for that spooky time of year. These pens come in three designs, and each package contains 12 pens.

Slimeball Eye Screamers Noise Putty– Ooey, gooey metallic colored putty forms over and around a sticky bloodshot eyeball. Slimeball Eye Screamers Noise Putty is scary, strange, spooky, creepy, eerie, freaky and frightening. It’ll have you screaming! There are 6 different colors of slime, and each package contains 24 containers.

Scented Swirl Pop Eraser– The Scented Swirl Pop Eraser can satisfy any sweet tooth with its sweet scents and you don’t even have to worry about cavities. Scented Swirl Pop Erasers come in 3 different designs and each package contains 24 pens.

Peanuts® Halloween Mini Memo– The Peanuts Gang® is getting into the Halloween spirit! These Peanuts® Halloween Mini Memos feature 6 designs for a spooky good time, and each box features 48 memos.

Peanuts® Halloween Pencil– Halloween is about to get better with Peanuts® Halloween Pencils. Six Halloween-themed designs featuring your favorite characters: Snoopy®, Charlie Brown®, Lucy®, Linus®, and more! Each container comes with 72 pencils. 

Peanuts® Halloween Eraser– Snoopy® is getting into the Halloween spirit! These Peanuts® Halloween Erasers feature classic illustrations that will get you into the spirit. These erasers come in 6 different designs and each box features 48 erasers. 

Clawing Hand Pen– When you reach for the Clawing Hand Pen the Clawing Hand Pen just might reach back. A creepy skeleton hand tops this Halloween favorite black ballpoint pen. These pens come in 3 different colors, and each package contains 12 pens.

Cute Halloween Pen– Halloween just got a little cuter with these guys! These Cute Halloween Pens come in 4 different designs and each package come with 12 pens.

Wacky Whiffs Scratch-n-Sniff Eye Screamers Putty– EYE Scream, you scream, we all scream for EYE SCREAMERS! Each putty container features a Wacky Whiff Scratch-n-sniff label. Scents include: Horrific Honey, Blob Blueberry, Outrageous Orange, Gnarly Grape, Monster Mint, and Scary Cherry. Each package comes with 24 slimes.

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