Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Anniversary with Just Play

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with all things Disney. So naturally we are ready to celebrate Mickey’s upcoming 90th Anniversary on November 18th! Back in November of 1928 Steamboat Willie became a household favorite and the rest is history! In preparation for Mickey’s big day, we got our hands on some special  90th Anniversary Mickey gear from Just Play! Just Play sent us a Special Edition Steamboat Willie and a Special Edition Collectible Figure Set. Of course my daughter couldn’t wait to rip them open! The Steamboat Willie was definitely our favorite since he whistles and dances to the old Steamboat Willie song! My daughter is a bit young to know anything about Steamboat Willie, but this was an exciting opportunity to pull out some old shows and let her see how Mickey looked when I was a kid! We couldn’t be happier with our new gear, and we are looking forward to celebrating Mickey’s 90th anniversary in style!%2fIMG_20180918_183732.jpg

More info on these Mickey’s 90th Anniversary toys:

Steamboat Willie Feature Plush: Steamboat Willie Mickey is a classic to treasure, featuring super soft fabrics and exceptional character detail. Just like in the iconic Steamboat Willie short dating back to 1928, Mickey appears in black & white and is dressed in the signature Steamboat Willie outfit with matching Captain’s hat. He even holds a felt ship wheel in his hands and sways along to the Steamboat Willie song with a press of his hand! Steamboat Willie Mickey is the perfect gift for kids as well as collectors, who will especially love the distinctive packaging, which showcases Mickey in the iconic Steamboat Willie art style.

Collectible Deluxe Figure SetThe Mickey’s 90th Deluxe Figure Set comes with 10 highly detailed Mickey Mouse figures and features special 90th Anniversary packaging. Mickey comes dressed in some of the most iconic styles he’s worn through the ages including Plane Crazy Mickey, Pie-Eye Mickey, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, Steam Boat Willie Mickey, Mouseketeer Mickey, Comic Mickey, Clubhouse Mickey, New Shorts Mickey, and exclusive Golden Mickey. Each figure comes in a unique pose and stands 3” tall – the perfect size for both play and display! 

2-Pack Collectible Mini Figures: These surprise Mickey Mouse shaped capsules each contain two 2.25” figures inside – open the capsule to reveal the two new additions to your Disney collection! Collect Mickey Mouse through the ages with these highly detailed posed figures including: Plane Crazy Mickey & Classic Mickey; Pie Eye Mickey & Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey; Comic Mickey & Clubhouse Mickey; Steamboat Willie & Technicolor Mickey; New Shorts Mickey & Mouseketeer Mickey. Each capsule is sold separately, and figures come in a fun mini size – perfect for kids and collectors alike. 

Bean Plush: Mickey Mouse comes dressed some of his most iconic styles including: Steamboat Willie Mickey, Pie-Eyed Mickey, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey, and Mouseketeer Mickey (each sold separately). These adorable Mickey plush friends are highly detailed and made with soft deluxe fabrics. Both kids and adults will love collecting all iconic versions of Mickey in celebration of his 90th birthday! 

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