Franck Provost

I have been hearing a lot about the Franck Provost brand lately, so I was extremely excited to test out a few of their best sellers. One of sets I was able to try was the Keratine Miracle set which included a shampoo, a conditioner, and a leave in conditioner.  This Keratine Repair & Strength trio is formulated to gently wash and intensely nourish dry and damaged hair. The Keratine and Creatine help rebuild hair while the UV protection helps to prevent future hair damage. Since I tend to straighten my hair a lot, this  product line was perfect for me. Not only did it leave my hair smelling fabulous, but I could feel the difference after just one use! I was also able to try their Oleo Nutrition & Softness products which included a shampoo, a conditioner, and a leave in oil treatment. The Oleo Nutrition & Softness products are formulated to deeply nourish dry and brittle hair. Of the two lines, this happened to be my favorite. As I mentioned before, I straighten my hair a lot. I have years of heat damage that has turned my hair very brittle and I tend to get a lot of split ends. The Oleo Nutrition & Softness products did a wonderful job of making my hair feel fresh and renewed. The oil treatment left my hair shiny and bouncy which was wonderful compared to the dull look I had before. Although these products have won me over, I can’t wait to try more Franck Provost products in the future. I look forward to testing out a few of their other lines.

Franck Provost products can be found at UltaIMG_7292 (1).JPG

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