Build-A-Bear Furry Friends

For as long as I can remember, Build-A-Bear workshop has been a family-favorite of ours. Being able to make your own best friend from start to finish is so exciting! Well now Just Play is bringing the fun of BuildABear Workshop into our homes with the new Build-A-Bear Furry Friends! Build-A-Bear Workshop 10” Furry Friends come with everything we need to create our best friend including plush stuffing, a heart locket, a birth certificate, a fashion outfit, and lots of accessories to customize with! From start to finish, these sets allow kids to complete their bear exactly like they would in a BuildABear Workshop. This set is available in Rainbow Bear and Pink Kitty. There is also a Build-A-Bear Workshop 4” Furry Friends collection that features Build-A-Bear favorites like Rainbow Bear, Rainbow Camo Panda, Black & White Puppy, Striped Monkey, Rainbow Tiger, Turquoise Camo Bear, and Rainbow Unicorn! This set comes with a Furry Friend packaged in the iconic Build-A-Bear Cub Condo that kids can color and customize!20180925_153017_resized.jpgWe received samples of the Build-A-Bear Workshop 10” Furry Friends which means my daughter and I were able to create her bear from start to finish. My daughter decided to create Rainbow Bear (now named sparkles) while I created Pink Kitty (still named Pink Kitty because I am horrible at coming up with names).  There was the perfect amount of plush stuffing to fill the bears, and we got to make a wish on our heart lockets before putting them inside our new friends just like we would inside a workshop! We ended up mixing and matching our outfits, and our finished friends were completely adorable! Build-A-Bear Furry Friends have tons of clothes and accessories available, so we can’t wait to expand their wardrobes and make them 100% unique! I am so excited that we got a chance to get our hands on some of these! BuildABear really hit it out of the park with this one! I hope they expand the Build-A-Bear Furry Friends collection to include some gender-neutral animals!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

*Build-A-Bear Furry Friends are currently available at Walmart*

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