Little Tikes 18″ Mega Hopper Ball

Do you remember a toy from your childhood that is still around to this day? That is how I feel when I got my hands on one of the Little Tikes 18″ Mega Hopper Balls! The Little Tikes 18″ Mega Hopper Ball is perfect for children 4-8 who are between 32-64 lbs. I remember bouncing around my yard for hours on my hopper ball, so I couldn’t wait to pump this up and show it to my daughter! Although the air pump was not included, I was able to get it filled pretty quickly. Just as I expected, my daughter hopped on and took off! It took her a few minutes to master the coordination of bouncing and switching directions at the same time, but she never gave up! It was adorable watching her bounce around the driveway determined to make it from one end to the other without my help. We used this outside, however it could easily be an indoor toy as well since it isn’t extremely large. My daughter is having a ton of fun, but she doesn’t realize how much exercise she is actually getting from this fun little toy. A great inexpensive way to get kids excited about getting outside and getting active!20180916_140633.jpgLittle Tikes 18″ Mega Hopper Ball will be available at Target on the 23rd

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