Car Seat Ponchos from Birdy Boutique

Bundling up your children during the cold winter months seems like the smart thing to do, but fastening your child in his/her carseat with tons of extra layers and jackets can be extremely dangerous. Buckling up your child with even just a few extra layers leaves room for your child to slip out of their carseat if there were to ever be an accident. It is also quite annoying to remove all of those extra layers every time you get into the car. The adorable car seat ponchos from Birdy Boutique solve this problem while saving us parents time and our sanity! Car seat ponchos go over the buckles and seatbelts leaving no reason to loosen or adjust car seat straps. Simply slip the poncho on your child, flip the back part of the poncho over the car seat, hold the front of the poncho up while you buckle the seat, and then place the poncho over the buckled seat belt. The kids have freedom to move their hands and feet while also staying nice and warm under the fleece blanket. Birdy Boutique offers a wide range of car seat ponchos so there is sure to be a theme that your child enjoys. My daughter, who just turned four, loves her reversible unicorn poncho. The unicorn poncho has a light pink unicorn pattern on the inside of the poncho, and the main side is a soft minky white material with a shiny unicorn horn on the hood.  These ponchos measure 52 inches in length by 24 inches in width making it perfect for ages 6 months and older. My daughter easily still fits in her poncho with lots of growing room. These ponchos solve a seriously annoying issue that parents everywhere face constantly! This is a product that I am so thankful to have found!20180915_160646.jpgThese car seat ponchos are available on Amazon. You can also find them on the Birdy Boutique Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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  1. This is so clever! My parents live quite far and we often have to do long journeys. I’d love for him to be safe and snuggly.


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