Max Build More Blocks

It doesn’t matter how old you kids are or what kind of toys they are interested in, everyone loves playing with building blocks. It is so much fun to build things out of nothing, and use your imagination to create a masterpiece. ZURU recently released a line of toy bricks that are compatible with all major toy brick brands for less than half of the price! Max Build More Blocks come in value sets such as a 253 Max block set for $9.99, a 759 max block set for $24.99, a 250 piece accessory pack for $12.99, a 15 piece Max Figurines set for $19.99, and a 10X10 Max Blocks base plate for $3.99. That means that all kids can enjoy the fun and creativity of building blocks without parents worrying about spending an arm and a leg! Max Build More Blocks recently hit Walmart shelves and have already been a huge hit with kids everywhere! My daughter and I received a 759 max block set and a 15 piece Max Figurines set and the quality was definitely on-par with higher priced brands! Max Build More Blocks are great inexpensive toys for kids to explore their imagination! IMG_20181001_200955_272.jpg

*Max Build More Blocks available exclusively at Walmart*

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