MyKi Care Thermometer

There are certain products that I simply can’t wait to share with my followers, and the MyKi Care Thermometer is definitely one of those products. When I first became a mom, I remember staying by my daughter’s bed all night checking her temperature when she was sick. Trying to figure out if she needed medications, or if we needed to bring her to the hospital was always a tough decision. Lets not forget the fact that checking her temperature every hour wreaked havoc on not only my personal sleep, but hers as well.  The MyKi Care Thermometer would have been heaven sent for me four years ago, which is why I am aiming to make sure every new mom knows how amazing this gadget is!2.pngThe MyKi Care Thermometer is a smart device that measures and continuously tracks body temperature. Each MyKi Care Thermometer set includes the MyKi Care Thermometer, a MyKi Care BT, and 15 pieces of MyKi Care Adhesives. There is also a MyKi Care Thermometer phone app that needs to be downloaded to pair with the device. To set up, simply shake the MyKi Care Thermometer intensely for three seconds until you see a a blinking red light. Open the MyKi Care phone app (register if you have never registered before) and slide the main screen left to choose “Add MyKi Care Thermometer”. Follow the instructions on the screen of the application. Once the device is paired to the app on your phone, you can begin to track body temperature via bluetooth.  The MyKi Care Thermometer is placed under the armpit using one of the MyKi Care adhesives. The sensor (small metal plate) should be touching the body, and the red dot should be facing the shoulder. 

These adhesives should changed every 3 hours during the day and every 8 hours during the night. When you first stick the MyKi Care Thermometer in place, it takes about 15 minutes to get an exact body temperature. Afterwards the MyKi Care Thermometer continuously monitors and tracks changes in body temperature. Of course I was a bit concerned at how big the device would be. My daughter obviously won’t want a large circle under her arm, and I can see it being a huge issue to get comfortable. However, the device is fairly small and is not that noticeable once placed correctly. The adhesives are perfect for sensitive skin, so it doesn’t feel anything like ripping off a bandaid. The MyKi Care Thermometer is seriously a game changer for parents everywhere!

Order your MyKi Care Thermometer set today!

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