5 Surprise: What’s Inside?

Moms, I am 100% certain that you have purchased a blind bag for your child at some point this year. My daughter, Kinsley, has an ever growing collection that is overflowing from her toy box. Out of all the bling bags we’ve accumulated over this past year, 5 Surprise is one of her favorites! 5 Surprise features five separate sealed compartments hiding five individual toys with thousands of endless combinations. It is almost impossible to get the exact same 5 Surprise ball more than once! My daughter loves the fun of peeling open the ball to see what is inside, almost as much as I love the inexpensive $4.99 price tag! These balls come in two colors: Pink and Blue. The pink balls include unique combinations of toys like thermo-changing mermaids, butterfly rings, ponies, and princesses! The blue balls include toys like glowing zombies, ninjas, prank toys, and cars! Since these surprise balls are fairly cheap (and you get 5 toys for the price of one), I usually use them as small rewards for good behavior. For example, my daughter went all month without getting any bad reports from school! We rewarded her with a super cute pink surprise ball which featured a blue and pink princess, a mermaid, a white and purple pony, a butterfly ring, and a rainbow sticker! These 5 Surprise ball are such a huge hit! Even I get a little excited watching her peel open the sections!

Check out the 5 Surprise website to learn more and to find out where to buy!PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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24 thoughts on “5 Surprise: What’s Inside?

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  1. I saw them during a flight back home. I couple had two little girls and they where opening them. I was giddy watching. I also wanted to know what was inside. They are super cute and fun.


  2. These are so cute! I have two boys and they love to buy the blind bags everytime we go to the store. Its always a surprise on what they get but they love it no matter what it is.


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