Make It Pop with Bubble Pop

Okay, seriously. Who DOESN’T love bubble wrap? There is something about bubble wrap that people simply can’t resist popping the tiny air-filled pockets.  I know, personally, that any time I get a package with bubble wrap inside I simply can’t help myself. Well now there is a company that has turned this fun material into a wide variety of patterns and designs for fun arts and crafts projects (or maybe just for popping fun). Bubble Pop comes in super cute designs such as polka dotfun triangleschevronflowers, and so much more! The second my daughter opened up this package she was over the moon. I told her I planned on using it to wrap some presents in, however she begged to keep a roll for herself. It is amazing how such a simple product can lead to hours of creative fun! My daughter and I have had so much fun with these rolls!

You can find Bubble Pop on Facebook and Instagram!  20180916_141644.jpg

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  1. I’m not sure that bubble wrap with patterns printed on it was a necessary invention… but it’s cool that it exists, lol. I’m not sure what else you can really do with it besides wrap stuff with it though. And stomp on it, of course.


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