My Lovely Unicorn Available Now On Hammacher Website

If you’re looking for the perfect ride-on toy for your princess, then look no further! The Enchanted Electric Ride On Unicorn is fit for any royal princess with its illuminating horn, magical sound effects, and easy-to-control steering reins! The Enchanted Electric Ride On Unicorn is powered by a 12-volt battery and is capable of moving back, forth, and side to side! This unicorn ride-on features a built-in footrest and a saddle that supports riders up to 66 lbs. It also comes with a built-in brush (hidden by her tail) that allows kids to groom the unicorn’s mane and tail. There was absolutely NO way I was going to pass up this ride-on for my daughter! With her love of unicorns, it was perfect!20181010_172609.jpgAssembly was required when this ride-on came in, however all I had to do was snap on the head, insert the horn, and connect the battery. It took me less than five minutes total. I allowed the unicorn to get a full charge before attempting to turn it on, which guarantees a full hour of magical adventures! With just a touch of the horn, the unicorn came to life! It began making noise and lighting up beautiful rainbow colors. By pulling the reins, I was able to guide the unicorn around furniture in our home just like you would with a live horse! The ride on moved smoothly across the indoor floor, as well as the pavement outside! It went surprisingly faster than I thought it would go, however it was not fast enough to cause harm if she ran into something or fell over. What I really love is the fact that the unicorn will not move on its own unless there is weight on the saddle. This means that if a child is in the process of climbing on or climbing off, they won’t accidentally press any buttons that may send them tumbling. Once the child is safely on top of the unicorn, they can control it with buttons on the harness.

Order yours today!PicMonkey Image.jpg



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