Kinderfeets Cargotrike

The Kinderfeets company is always adding onto their extensive collection, and the new Kinderfeets Cargotrike is one of the best additions yet! The cargotrike is created for children aged 12-24 months and is the perfect way for little children to get comfortable balancing on wheels. Like the regular Kinderfeets trikes, this cargotrike has an adjustable seat so that it can grow with the child. The seat goes from 9″ to about 11.5″. The newest feature is the cool cargo holder on the front of the trike. This box can hold snacks, toys, games, and so much more while the kids ride around. Compared to other Kinderfeets, this trike only took us about 5-10 minutes longer to build than past bikes. This is because the cargo box was built in and required a few extra screws. I thought this was an awesome addition to the Kinderfeets collection. We have purchased Kinderfeets trikes in the past, and purchased basket accessories, however we have never seen a balance trike with a storage box built in! My daughter loved being able to store all of her toys and snacks while she was riding, and didn’t even have to get off of the bike to get her snacks out! This Cargotrike was the perfect addition to our Kinderfeets collection!

Order the new Cargotrike today! PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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