Fancy Feast Medleys: White Meat Chicken Recipe Variety

We recently reviewed the Fancy Feast Poultry & Beef variety pack which ended up being a huge hit with my picky furbaby. It was such a huge hit, that we decided to test out some other Fancy Feast flavors such as this White Meat Chicken Recipe Variety pack. This variety pack comes with 12 cans total whichs means we got 4 White Meat Tuscany, 4 White Meat Chicken Primavera, and 4 White Meat Chicken Florentine.  The box says to feed 1 can per 2.5 lbs, however I tend to use wet cat food as more of a treat for a well balanced kitty diet. Just like most Fancy Feast flavors, my cats were instantly drawn to this White Meat Chicken Recipe Variety. I gave them each a can and it was gone within seconds! I found that Ellie, our less picky cat, was more drawn to these flavors that our picky cat Binx. However, Binx still enjoyed his serving (Binx tends to prefer beef and seafood flavors over chicken).  Overall, I think this is a great variety pack for chicken lovers. Fancy Feast has yet to disappoint.

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