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It is my daughter’s DREAM to become a superstar! She is always walking around pretending to be a youtube star or singing into her hairbrush pretending to be the lead singer on a sold-out world tour! Now she can record her own content with the help of Tube Superstar! Tube Superstar comes with a microphone with features a QR reader which allows kids to edit and record their videos on the go! The free Tube Superstar app features exciting video modes, unique filters, effects, and sounds so kids are completely in control of their content! Kids can even compete in challenges and give “tutorials” just like their favorite youtube stars (or mommy bloggers if your kid is anything like mine)!2.jpgTo use Tube Superstar, simply plug the cord into your phone/tablet/ipod, and adjust phone holder to snuggly fit your device. From there, you can choose which mode you want to play in which includes “how to”, “challenge”, and “performance”.  With over 50 cool filters and effects this little device turns an ordinary space into a youtube ready background fit for a star! Once you’re done editing and recording, add a title page and save it to your device gallery to watch later! 71rgz0wqlsl-_sl1500_.jpgThere is no doubt in my mind that Tube Superstar is going to be one of the hottest products on the market this holiday season! The device is super user-friendly, and is perfect for helping those future youtube stars blossom and grow! Heck, I might even start using some of the cute filters in my very own reviews! Tube Superstar is a must-have this season for sure!


Tube Superstar is available on Amazon!

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