Edushape Magic Shapes

It is never too early to introduce imaginative and magnetic play to your little one’s toy collection. These kinds of toys are known to greatly help gross motor skills, logic & reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and visual sensory development. Edushape offers a wide variety of great learning toys for children as young as newborn. These Magic Shapes with board are perfect for children age 3+, and feature 54 3-dimensional colorful magnetic construction blocks. The magnetic receptors are strong enough to hold Magic Shape pieces together, yet not strong enough to be a hazard. The pieces are also fairly large (and soft) making them easy for tiny hands to grasp. The possibilities are endless with these blocks. My daughter, who is 4, decided to make herself a farm house. Although it may not look like much to you, she concentrated on her work of art for hours before being fully satisfied to show it off. It was great to see her create her design and use her imagination to create a barn, horse stables, and a pig pen! Since the set offers multiple sizes and shapes, it is easy for children to interlock the pieces creating unique designs. This is a great beginners set for young minds! 20181027_092703.jpg

You can learn more about these Magic Shapes on the Edushape website

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