Rotating Dress-Up Storage from Guidecraft

My daughter, Kinsley, absolutely LOVES to dress up. Whether it be a princess or a police officer, she is always ready to break out her acting skills. Since her dress up collection is starting to get a bit large, I wanted to get her something that would help keep everything organized. This Rotating Dress-Up Storage from Guidecraft is perfect! Although it came unassembled, I was able to set it up without any help in about 30 minutes. It is made with solid wood so it is a bit heavy (47 lbs), however it is EXTREMELY sturdy. It is also finished with a child-safe polyurethane finish and two acrylic mirrors. Once assembled, this dress up cubby center is about  23.5″W x 42″H x 23.5″D It is the perfect size for my daughter’s room and doesn’t take up a ton of space. The Rotating Dress-Up Storage features five compartments on one side for accessories or shoes, three wooden pegs for hanging dresses and costumes and two full length inset mylar mirrors. I used the compartments to place my daughter’s crowns, hats, and accessories. It was able to hold quite a bit and is the perfect height for her to grab them herself. The full length inset mylar mirror was the biggest shocker to me because it wasn’t made out of glass. I was scared it would look like a funhouse mirror, but it was crystal clear! I’m actually relieved that the mirror is not made of glass because my daughter is clumsy and might break it. I can tell that this was made with children’s’ safety in mind. This Rotating Dress-Up Storage from Guidecraft is definitely every girly-girl’s dream closet and I can’t wait to buy more dresses and accessories to fill this up!

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