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Starting holiday traditions with my daughter is super important to me. There are things about Christmas that I looked forward to as a child, and I would love to make that excitement real for my daughter. There are a lot of new things hitting the market that are geared to get children excited and on their best behavior during the holiday season. Reindeer In Here is one of our new favorite tradition, but it is extremely unique compared to similar products on the market. There are products that come the first day of December, and stay until Christmas. However the kids aren’t allowed to touch them, and they’re basically bribing children into being on their best behavior. Reindeer In Here is your child’s very first gift from Santa every year. Parents read the adorable Reindeer In Here story, and learn that Santa has asked his reindeer friend for help learning about each child’s Christmas wishes. Instead of reporting back to santa every night to determine whether or not the child is on the naughty list, the reindeer tells Santa all about the child’s adventures each day! This helps Santa learn a little bit more about each child, and in turn helps Santa pick out the very best Christmas presents! Each night,  the children are allowed to cuddle with the Reindeer without fear of the toy loosing its “magical” powers! I thought the concept of this product was completely adorable. I can’t wait to put this out on December 1st to see how my daughter reacts to her new Christmas friend!

Visit the Reindeer In Here website to learn more!unnamed.jpg

About Reindeer In Here: In early December the Reindeer In Here book and plush “magically” arrive for your child, setting the stage for a new yearly Christmas tradition. It’s their first gift of the holiday season from Santa — and it came early! As the parent surprises their child with this unexpected early Christmas present, they introduce them to the special untold story of the reindeer. As the story unfolds, the child learns that many years ago Santa asked his reindeer for some help in learning about each child’s true Christmas wishes. Santa told his reindeer that while he knew children all over the world, only some wrote him letters — so he wanted a way to know each child even better! One different little reindeer who was born with one antler smaller than the other and big blue eyes quickly suggested a different way to solve Santa’s conundrum. The little reindeer told Santa he should send his reindeer early in the month of December to stay with the children so Santa could learn as much as possible about each child – where they live, what they like, what they do each day, where they go, who their family and friends are, and what their TRUE Christmas wishes are. Then every night while the child sleeps with the reindeer next to him or her, the reindeer writes notes to Santa detailing their daily adventures. On Christmas Eve, the child will put their reindeer under the tree so it can greet Santa. After Santa finds the reindeer, it will go with him to guide his sleigh back to the North Pole until next year — when the child’s Christmas reindeer will return in early December to see its friend once more! This holiday tradition will unfold for many years to come as the child looks forward to that magical time of year when their very own special Christmas friend comes back to see them again!

About Adam Reed: Although never intending to be an author, Adam Reed has always been a storyteller. When not being a dad, he is CEO of Los Angeles-based Emmy nominated production company, Thinkfactory Media, one of the most prolific scripted and unscripted production companies in the business. He has created and produced over 500 hours of television. Adam lives in Playa Del Rey, CA with his wife and two children – his daughter Peyton and son Weston, whom both of his books are dedicated to.

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