Stocking-Stuffer Roundup from Bulls i Toy

Toys don’t have to be larger than life to provide hours of fun, which is why we love this year’s stocking-stuffer roundup from Bulls i Toy! Bulls i Toy has been one of our favorite toy brands for quite some time now with proudcucts like the never ending Squish’Ums lines and LOL Surprise Slap Bands. These products may come in small packages, but they provide hours of endless fun!20181022_192344.jpg

Squish’Ums Yummy Series 2- Yummy series is back and better than ever with all new flavors of sweet treats! You donut want to miss out on these! Each foil pack contains one scented, slow-rise foam Squish’Ums and a checklist. Collect all 16!

Squish’Ums Poo PetsEveryone loves Pets, everyone loves Poo! Now you can have both with the all new super slow rising Poo Pet Squish’Ums! Each foil blind bag includes one chocolate scented Poo Pet Squish’Ums and a checklist. 16 Poo Pet Squish’Ums to collect! Find the rare Magical Unicorns!

Poo Goo Unicorn PooOoey gooey unicorn poo that feels like liquid but plays like goo!
Collect all 4 magical glitter goo combos! 100% Unicorn Poo!

LOL Surprise Slap Bands: Whether you’re part of the Glitterati, Glee Club, a rocker or a surfer, there’s a slap band for you! Each blister card contains one slap band, one charm, and one hidden charm surprise. Collect them all before you glitterally can’t! Mix and match the charms and bands to create your own fashion statement!

LOL Light Ups: These all new L.O.L Surprise Light Ups are cute but fierce! There are 8 ‘Lil Light Ups to collect! Each foil pack includes 1 Light Up, 1 glow-in-the-dark sticker and a checklist. Find the hidden message surprise!

JoJo Mini Bow Box Set: Can’t get enough JoJo Siwa bows in your life?!? This all-new box set comes with 4 mystery mini bows PLUS 1 exclusive bow! With 4 different box sets to collect, you’ll be a Siwanator in no time!

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