X-Shot Flying Bug Attack

Test your aim and your skill with the new X-Shot Flying Bug Attack from ZURU! This awesome new addition to the dart blaster range allows players to shoot real moving targets! The X-Shot Flying Bug Attack single pack comes with 1 Swarm Seeker blaster, a motorized launcher, 2 flying bugs, and 12 foam darts. The Double Pack includes 2 Swarm Seeker blasters, 1 motorized launcher, 3 flying bugs and 24 darts. Both sets offer hours of endless fun! To get your bugs flying, place them onto the motorized launcher (requires four AA batteries) and press the pedal down with your foot. The object is to take them down before they land on their own! The flying patterns are never the same, and there is no telling which way the bugs will fly! Part of the fun is trying to anticipate which way to aim, and keeping up with the fast-flying bugs! The new X-Shot Swarm Seeker blaster can shoot 10 darts in seconds with its innovative side-loading clip system! The X-Shot Swarm Seeker blaster is extremely easy to reload, so kids can gather their darts and continue to play. This toy states that it is made for children ages eight and up. Although the darts are small, I think this age suggestion is simply due to the fact that younger kids may not be able to hit a fast-moving target. My four year old daughter, however, is always up for a challenge! I think the X-Shot Flying Bug Attack is such a great way to get kids outside and active! This is definitely a toy that can keep both parents AND kids interested.

X-Shot Flying Bug Attack is available on AmazonZURU_X-Shot™ Flying Bug Attack_.png

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