goDog Plush: Holiday Toys

Our pup Olaf is getting into the Christmas spirit with the help of GoDog! GoDog sent Olaf an adorable santa-themed dragon. This toy is made with bubble plush and lined with Chew Guard Technology™ making it the perfect toy for even the toughest and roughest playmates! Inside of these goDog plush santas there are small squeakers, so Olaf is always entertained! Olaf tends to be fairly picky about the toys he plays with, however this little dragon has definitely made the cut! He has been playing with it for a little over two weeks now, and has not lost interest. It also has very little damage so I think it will last for quite some time. goDog is one of our favorite toy brands simply for the fact that their products always have such high quality. I almost wish we would have saved it for a cute little pup-themed stocking stuffer, however it was too cute not to share!

Learn more about these toys on the goDog website!thumbnail

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