Later Alligator Twins Gift Set

Kinsley recently got her hands on the “Later Alligator Twins” set from one of our favorite doll companies, Adora Play! It is no surprise that is has been a huge hit since opening it a few days ago. This set comes with two 11” baby dolls, two alligator overalls, two alligator long sleeves, two striped beanies, two alligator blankets, two bottles, two bibs, a pink plate, a pink spoon, and a pink fork. The dolls feature super soft bodies, and have a fresh baby powder scent just like real babies! Besides their realistic scent, these dolls can also suck their fingers and can be swaddled like real babies.20181113_175712We own several pieces of Adora play baby doll furniture, so Kinsley quickly made her dolls feel right at home by pretending to feed them in their high chairs, and putting them to sleep in their cribs. This is the first baby doll “set” that Kinsley has ever owned, so she was excited that she got both a boy doll as well as a girl doll. She gave them each their own names, and quickly became a pro at carrying two babies (as well as all of their goodies) at the same time. This has been one of our favorite Adora sets that we have gotten so far. I love the adorable alligator gear, and thought it was a great theme for a set of twins. Definitely a great little collection for all doll-lovers!

The Later Alligator Twins Gift Set can be found on the Adora website


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