Moosh-Moosh Plushies

Have you heard of the adorable new marshmallow-soft pillow plushies, Moosh-Moosh? Since launching in February of this year, these fun plushies have taken over my home! We currently have a collection that includes Crush The Shark (Large 12″), Freckles (Large 12″), Strawbearry (Large 12″), Oswald The Bat (Medium 8″), Corey The Puppy (Medium 8″), Doe (Medium 8″), Sparkle The Unicorn (Small 4″), Stripey The Zebra (Small 4″), and Pinky The Pig (Small 4″)! Each plush is 100% polyester and extremely cloud-soft while featuring super cute and kid-friendly faces! In my opinion, the larges make perfect pillows while the clip-on size is perfect for snapping onto bookbags! Moosh-Moosh also offers an extended line of Moosh-Moosh slippers and Moosh-Moosh Hooded Blankets which offer the same marshmallow-soft material! The Moosh-Moosh family can make the perfect gift for kids of all ages! My daughter, who is about to turn 5, absolutely adores the medium sized animals! I can’t wait to get my hands on some of their extended line items to see how they match up to the great quality of these adorable pets!

Learn more on the Moosh-Moosh website!%2fIMG_20181022_194622 (1).jpg

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