Meal Prep Delivered from Fresh N’ Lean

There are a lot of meal boxes on the market, and sometimes it can be hard to narrow it down to the perfect one. Some are great for large families, some are great for singles, and others are specifically made for keto or vegetarian diets. Up until Fresh N’ Lean, I have never found a meal box that ships out 100% prepared meals. Yes, you read that correctly! Fresh N’ Lean ships out 100% cooked and sealed meals made of fresh ingredients and packed with essential nutrients! Fresh N’ Lean users can choose from a variety of menus such as “ION Performance Protein +”,” ION Performance Paleo (Low-Carb)”, “Standard Plant-Based”, or “Low Carb / Low Cal Plant-Based”. These meal plans vary from $9.33 per meal, to $12.69 per meal. Untitled.pngThe Standard Plant-Based meal plan ($9.33/per meal) offers meals such as Tomato Artichoke Pasta and Fajita Bell Pepper Rice Medley. These meals are loaded in nutrients, and high in fiber and plant-based proteins. The Low Carb / Low Cal Plant-Based meal plan ($11.33/per meal) offers meals such as Caramelized Onion Southern Rice and Louisiana Veggies. These meals are perfect for a low carb, low calorie diet. The ION Performance Protein + meal plan ($12.25/per meal) offers meals like Butternut Squash Basil Aioli With Chicken Tender and Smoked Broccolini Lentils With Chicken Breast. This meal plan happens to be my favorite plan, and features a high quality animal protein with every entree. Last but not least, the ION Performance Paleo (Low-Carb) meal plan ($12.69/per meal) features meals like Moroccan Parsley Cauliflower With Steak and Maple Carrots With Steak. This meal plan is perfect for a low-carb, high protein diet.img-reliable-delivery-1.jpgAll Fresh N’ Lean meals are made from scratch, organic, gluten free, dairy free, and are delivered fresh in vacuum sealed containers. Simply grab a meal, pop it in the microwave, and you are good to go! Fresh N’ Lean is perfect for people who want to eat healthy, but don’t have the time to meal prep on their own. These single meals are easy to order, and meals can be picked from a pre-made weekly subscription meal plan. From my personal experience, these meals are easy to make and are definitely not lacking in flavor. So far we have had no issues whatsoever with Fresh N’ Lean meals. I am so glad we decided to give this meal prep service a shot!

If you’re ready to start your subscription or would like to learn more, head over to their website today!

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