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We are in full holiday-swing at my house which means the tree has gone up, gift wrapping has begun, and we are on the lookout for some of the best toys of 2018! JustPlay recently sent us some of their best stocking stuffer ideas, and I must say they are quite adorable! So adorable, in fact, that I simply couldn’t wait for Christmas to hand them out! These gifts included great kid-friendly names that kids are sure to love. Being the big Disney fans that we are, Kinsley immediately ripped open the Disney Peek-a-Plush balls which are basically adorable little stuffed animals squished inside a cute little ball. Once you pop them open, their little boddies pop out of their heads and they transform into full size stuffed animals! Since we recently seen The Grinch in theatres, Kinsley was also super excited about the Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Ornament Figures! These figures are super fun blind-bags with fun Grinch themed characters inside. Of course PJ Mask is always a hit in our home, so the fact that we got SEVEN PJ Mask toys was a great surprise! She also got two DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Figures which happens to be a new Netflix favorite in our home. As always, JustPlay has gone above and beyond our expectations! These gifts are absolutely perfect and they’re the perfect size for quick and easy stocking stuffers!img_20181126_192131.jpg

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch Ornament Figures- Bring home the thrill of Illumination and Universal Picture’s new animated film, Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch with The Grinch Ornament Figures! These dynamic figures come packaged in a decorative ornament shaped package. Open your ornament to see which figure is inside. The surprise is half the fun. Each figure comes in a unique pose and features deluxe details. The set also includes a movie scene background perfect for displaying the capsule and figures! Great for both play and display. Collect them all and trade with your friends!

Disney Peek-a-Plush- Collect, pop, and snuggle the adorable Disney Peek-A-Plush! Iconic Disney characters feature deluxe embroidered details and come in a cute stylized design. Take them out of their container at home and pull their feet to reveal a fun surprise – their bodies pop out of their heads! Each plush friend is made with super soft fabrics and comes in a great collectible size. Kids and collectors alike will love this unique and trendy take on beloved Disney characters. Assortment includes: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Patch, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Thumper, Marie, and Tigger. Each sold separately. 

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Figures- Now you can collect your own herd of wild horses with the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Figures. These realistic horses are inspired by the new Netflix series, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. Each figure stands over 2 inches tall and comes packaged in a miniature barn and includes a stable! Open the barn to reveal the latest addition to your growing horse collection! The surprise is half the fun! Collect all 8 unique horse figures to create your own corral! Perfect for both kids and collectors alike. Each figure sold separately.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Moon Rovers- It’s PJ Masks to the Super Moon rescue! With the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Moon Rovers, kids can join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they head to the moon to save the day! This dynamic vehicle set includes a 3” figure, a Super Moon themed accessory and a Moon Rover vehicle just like the show! Catboy, Gekko and Owlette come dressed in special Super Moon space suits and can really ride their Moon Rovers into the night to save the day! Collect all three figure and vehicle sets, sold separately.

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure Sets- Catboy, Owlette and Gekko are ready to take off on high-flying Super Moon adventures with the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Figure Sets! This stellar figure set comes with a 3” figure wearing a jetpack with light up flames! Catboy also comes with a flashlight and play tablet, Owlette comes with a telescope and Moon Crystal, and Gekko comes with a flashlight and moon shield. Dressed in an exclusive Super Moon themed space suit that is equipped with matching removable helmets, the Super Moon Figures are articulated so kids can move them into fun poses and recreate the inter-galactic missions from the show! Collect all three figure sets including: Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. Each sold separately.

PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers- The PJ Masks Turbo Blast Racers are the ultimate PJ Masks racing vehicles, featuring sleek designs and deluxe accents! Each Turbo Blast Racer includes one 3″ figure dressed in an exclusive Turbo Blast outfit equipped with matching racing helmet! The Turbo Blast Racers can each fit one PJ Masks 3″ figure inside. Collect all available Turbo Blast Racers including: Cat-Car, Owl Glider and Gekko Mobile! Each sold separately.

PJ Masks Blind Figure with Capsule- Go into the night to save the day with the newest PJ Masks Collectible Figures! Hidden within a PJ Masks Headquarters capsule, each figure is inspired by the show and some figures feature special Power Up inspired designs. A great gift for every PJ Masks fan to play out imaginative adventures! The full assortment includes: Catboy, Owlette, Gekko in both power up poses and moon outfits. Also, introducing Armadylan and the Wolfie Kids, RIP, Howler and Kevin. Look for the four rare figures: Gekko, Moon Luna, Owlette and PJ Robot and the ultra-rare Metallic Gold Catboy. The new base designs, star, building and rooftop make the PJ Masks Collectible figures perfect for play and display!

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  1. Sometimes I dream of being a little kid again because kids always received awesome gifts and toys during Christmas! LOL
    Wow she got everything we wanted 😀


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