Fotor Pro: Powerful Photo Editing Made Easy

Being a blogger, there are a lot of times that I need to edit photos or create custom content. Even as a mother, I find myself needing these tools pretty often for school projects and birthday invitations.  I have paid hundreds of dollars over the years for photo editing software that only allows me to do the bare minimum. Thanks to Fotor, I can now create my own custom content with easy step-by-step guides for a fraction of the price! Fotor offers options for photo editing, photo effects, portrait retouching, social media designs, and so much more! Untitled.pngUsers start by creating an account and choosing the basic (free) membership, or Fotor Pro for a yearly fee. The basic membership offers a few great tools, while the Pro membership unlocks a vast collection of tools and content. Once users create their membership, they can immediately begin editing photos, making collages, or creating designs. Photo editing (on the Pro membership) offers tools like cropping, color adjusting, frames, overlays, stickers, texts, blemish editing, wrinkle removing, and so much more. The collage option allows users to create a wide variety of different collage designs such as basic collage, artistic collage, and photo stitching. The design option happens to be my personal favorite. Here, users can choose from thousands of pre-made design templates such as Facebook posts, flyers, invitations, banners, and tickets. Whether users choose a pre-made design or decide to create something from scratch, they can use tools such as stickers, backgrounds, and text to create great content for their events. Untitled.pngOverall, Fotor is extremely user friendly.  They offer basic and advanced design tools for a fraction of competitor prices which makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced designers alike. The possibilities are endless, and I plan on keeping my membership for as long as possible. Give their basic membership a shot, or start your Pro membership to unlock all of their premium content!

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