A Little Taste Of Home from A Cajun Life

As many of you know, I was born and raised in South Louisiana. Down here in the swamps, we take our food very seriously and seasoning/flavor is extremely important to us. When I travel, I almost NEVER order “cajun” food from restaurants because what other people think is “cajun” food, is really just a big bland mess. This is why I was super excited about trying the brand: A Cajun Life. A Cajun Life was founded right in my backyard (Eunice, Louisiana), by two Louisiana natives. When the founder, Chris Fontenot, moved to Oregon he and his wife always had a craving for southern food (I mean, who can blame them). They decided to make a brand that would bring great tasting authentic Cajun food around the globe! I received a wide variety of A Cajun Life products, which included some classics like All Purpose Seasoning and Jambalaya Mix. I was completely blown away by the variety this company offered, as well as the quality and flavor. Everything was seasoned to perfection just like I would season it myself! If you want to taste a little bit of Cajun country, A Cajun Life is the way to go!


Boxed Meals: A Cajun Life offers three boxed meals which include Gumbo Mix, Red Beans & Rice Mix, and Jambalaya Mix. These boxed meals feature everything you need to make an authentic cajun meal. Simply add water and the respective meats then serve! 

Seasonings: All cajuns know the start of a good home-cooked meal lives in the seasoning. A Cajun Life offers five different seasonings which include All Purpose Cajun Seasoning, Mesquite BBQ Seasoning, Blackening Rub, Seafood Rub, and Chicken Rub! These seasonings can be used on anything from Popcorn to Pork, Steak to Shrimp, Crawfish to Gator, and everything in between.

Mixes: A Cajun Life offers five different types of mixes which include Chicken Fry, Fish Fry, Seafood Boil, and Hush Puppy Mix. These mixes are pre-seasoned for convenience, simply add your favorite cut of chicken, pork or meat, coat, and bake or fry! It’s that simple!

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  1. Small world! My mother in law is from Eunice! She cooks for us all the time when she comes down! I need to tell my hubby about this


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