Last Minute Stocking Stuffers from Goliath Games

Are you still shopping for last minute stocking stuffers? If so, Goliath Games has you covered! Their games Color Smash and Charades For Kids are not only perfect for younger children, but they also fit perfectly inside of those stockings! My four year old daughter is obsessed with Charades For Kids! Since there is no reading required, she is able to play along with the older kids. My nephew on the other hand, loves challenging me to a game of Color Smash! Color Smash is aimed at older children since players have to read the word on the card as well as determine if the color matches the word. Both games are loads of fun for the adults! These games are inexpensive ways to have a few hours of endless fun with the kids! Goliath Games has always been our go-to for Family Game Night, so these are some great additions to our ever growing collection!Untitled collage

Color Smash- Slap your way to victory in this test of color coordination and smash the splat with the same color and name to win the deck! It’s quick to learn and easy to play! The unique, colorful storage “paint can” holds cards for future play. You’ve got to be smart and fast to win at Color Smash! The eye sees one thing while your brain perceives the other. Take turns laying your cards down on the table – remember to pay attention, or they may get stolen! For 2 or more players, ages 6 and up. Game contents include 72 Cards, 1 Paint Can Storage Tin, and Complete Instructions

Charades for Kids- Our classic game of Charades is designed especially for kids to play and enjoy! With three levels of clues, kids of all ages can participate. Each card has a clue with a picture, so no reading is required (although the combination of the picture and its corresponding word reinforces early reading skills). Younger players can act out a toothbrush, a cat or a bumble bee! Older children can read the simple words and phrases and act out actions like eating spaghetti or playing guitar! This game is great for the whole family to play together as they try to guess the charade before time runs out! For 3 or more players, ages 4 and up. Game Contents include 50 Charade Cards with 450 Charades, Sand Timer, Game Die, and Complete Instructions

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