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Have you ever heard of KiddoLab? If not, you need to head over to their website right away! KiddoLab is a learning toy brand that focuses on helping children development of early skills such as listening and verbal communication, fine motor skills, pattern recognition, music appreciation,  and hand-eye coordination. Their toys are geared towards helping children grow through play, and their wide variety of products ensures that kids of all ages can enjoy the fun! Not only are these toys lots of fun, but they’re very inexpensive and are made to be extremely high quality! We’ve listed three of our favorite KiddoLab toys below! These toys are perfect for children aged 3-6M.

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Rattle Musical Instruments Set with Guitar: It’s never too early to begin your baby or toddler on a journey of musical discovery. In the world of music there are so many instruments to explore and this four piece set features two rattles with bells and colorful beads for infants to shake, an easy to grip tambourine to tap along to the backbeat and best of all, a bright red, small guitar that boasts big, colorful buttons that play cheerful melodies and a brilliant yellow light that flashes along in time to the music. This musical set comes with four different instruments; two rattles with colorful beads and bells, an easy to grasp tambourine and an interactive kids guitar.

Charmie the Giraffe: Adorable, fun, and filled with engaging learning opportunities, this safari stuffed animal is a fantastic toy companion for infant childhood development. It is never too early to begin the process of education and KiddoLab’s Charmie the Giraffe is recommended for babies and newborns age three months and older. His brightly colored body has multiple textures including a soft plush face, crinkle arms, and squeezable feet providing your baby with a variety of tactile sensations. His belly features three colorful light-up buttons – a brilliant red star, a blue button with ABC, and a yellow button with 123 – that will capture your infant’s attention and imagination and entertain with simple phrases, silly sounds, and happy musical melodies that help to spark the critical skills of listening and communication. The materials used for this toy are designed to be cool to the touch and make a great snuggle buddy for car time, play time, or nap time.

Jungle Animal Roll & Learn Activity Ball: Aside from the obvious fun of rolling a ball around and playing games with all of these wild jungle critters, this baby play center encourages early childhood development of fine motor skills and understanding of colors, shapes, and animals.

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