Pawnut Butter from Green Coast Pet

One thing my dog loves more than anything in the world? Peanut Butter. We are always buying peanut butter flavored treats and peanut butter scented toys, but we try to stay away from giving him peanut butter directly out of the jar. Pawnut Butter from Green Coast Pet is an all-natural peanut butter made specifically for dogs! Pawnut Butter contains no salt, sugar, hydrogenated oils, or xylitol and only contains peanuts and flaxseed! I decided to get my furbaby this Pawnut Butter as a special treat to dip his bones in, however my furbaby Olaf had other plans! The second I opened this Pawnut Butter, Olaf raced over and tried to eat right out of the jar! The texture of the Pawnut Butter was a bit more liquid than regular peanut butter, however it was still easy to scoop up onto a treat. I have never given Olaf something like Pawnut Butter before, however this is definitely going to be my go-to treat in the future!

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