The DrinkMate Soda Maker Review  

Guest Post Provided By Barbara Bobak

The DrinkMate Soda Maker is an incredible device that truly allows you to carbonate anything you have in the kitchen. The DrinkMate has a beautiful design, simple layout, and basic functionality that makes it easy to use. Someone who is trying to avoid all the sodas with sugar can make their own sodas at home. You can use the steps below to make the DrinkMate work for you, and you can even buy this device in one of three colors that will match your home’s decor.

The Simple Design: The DrinkMate stands up straight on your kitchen counter, and it has an easy to use nozzle that you can attach the bottle to. You can turn it on when ready, and it will infuse whatever is in the bottle with carbonation that you need to make a great soda. The design of this device is so basic that you can teach anyone to use it, and it has a slot in the back for your CO2 canister that is easy to replace.

Their Bottle: DrinkMate provides you with their own bottle that will fit the machine, and you can pour any drink that you want into this bottle so that you can carbonate whatever is inside. The DrinkMate uses their own bottle so that you get an efficient transfer of the carbonation from the device to the bottle. There are many people who would like to use their own bottle, but that will not create drinks as efficiently as the DrinkMate.

The Device Works Quickly:  The device works quickly when you start it up, and you get the carbonation into the bottle in just moments. You are not waiting for minutes at a time to get your soda made, and you can pull away the bottle when you are done. This device allows you to make several different drinks if you want to hand them out to your family and friends. You can buy spare bottles for your family, and you can cycle through those bottles while you are handing out drinks.

Carbonate Anything: You can literally carbonate anything that you want. You can put juices in the bottles that will be infused with carbonation, or you could simply put water in the bottle that you want to turn into soda water. You can make the flavor as strong as you like, and you can make the drinks with any combination of ingredients. You might even make carbonated beverages with alcohol for your next party. You are not limited at all, and you could even pour out a basic bottle of liquor that you can carbonate for the people who are coming to your party.

It Fits On Your Counter: The DrinkMate soda maker fits on your counter because it is very slender and very easy to move around. It does not require any batteries, and you do not need to plug it into the wall. This allows you to move the device around the counter, and you can move it outside if you are hosting friends and family on the deck or the patio. This is a simple device to use when you are in a dorm room, or you could use it in a studio apartment where you have very little space to work with.

Why No Batteries Or Power Cord?: You are using only the power of the CO2 canisters in the device. You are given a canister to get started when you buy the device, but you are also allowed to buy as many replacements as you like. You can keep the canisters in the kitchen so that you can replace them in moments, and you will find that you can even teach your kids to use this device.

Conclusion: The DrinkMate soda maker is something that you should purchase right away if you want to make your own sodas that do not have as much sugar. You can carbonate anything that you like, and you can use the soda maker inside or outside because it never needs to be plugged in. You can get more bottles from the DrinkMate brand, and you will start to see a difference in how you are handling your diet. Anyone could use this device in their kitchen, and they will be pleased with the way the device looks, the way it works, and how easy it is to store.

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