Modern Feeding Products from Miniware

Promoting natural products is always a must for me, so whenever I learn about new eco-friendly products on the market I have to snatch them up. Miniware is a sustainable tableware brand made from materials such as bamboo fiber for kids age 4 months and older. They offer adorable designs that help children with self-feeding and transitioning from baby to toddler. The simple, yet stylish designs are easy to clean and come in multiple color palettes. We were able to get our hands on the Miniware Healthy Meal Set, and the Miniware First Bites Set. The Miniware Healthy Meal Set is our personal favorite of the two. This set is a full-sized plate with smart dividers to keep food separate. The  vertical wall also prevents food from falling off the plate, and allows toddlers to scoop their food up a bit easier. The Miniware First Bites set features ne cereal bowl, one smart detachable suction foot, and one teething spoon. The deep bowl allows kids to practice scooping their food, while the suction foot prevents the bowl from spilling over. This set is perfect for early beginners who are just learning to self-feed. I can’t wait to try out some other Miniware products, as the concept and the design are perfect for all lifestyles! The overall quality of the products are much better than competitor brands, and I love that the brand avoids using obnoxious character faces to sell their designs! Miniware is absolutely perfect for parents both new and old! Untitled collage.jpg

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Miniware Healthy Meal Set:  Do you have a little one who wants everything in just the right place? Do you like to compose a balanced meal with several side dishes? The Smart Divider Set is your perfect combo, including one Sandwich Plate, One Smart Suction Foot and one Smart Divider! Detachable suction foot that grows with your family. Promotes self-feeding. Made with 100% natural materials. Modern & simple design. Easy to stack and store. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Miniware First Bites Set: The perfect set for Minis just getting started! This set includes 1 Cereal Bowl, 1 Suction Foot and 1 Teething spoon. Detachable suction foot that grows with your family Promotes self-feeding Made with 100% natural materials Modern & simple design Easy to stack and store Easy to clean and dishwasher safe  

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