Realistic Baby Dolls from MiniDiva

My daughter absolutely loves baby dolls. She is a real mother hen when it comes to children, and loves helping to care for them. When we got the chance to order her a realistic baby doll from MiniDiva, I knew she was going to fall in love. Since these dolls are made of silicone, they are extremely lifelike! This specific doll that we ordered  measures 22 inches (55 cm) from head to toe, has beautiful brown hair, long eyelashes, a weighted body, and flexible hands and feet. It truly feels like you are holding a live baby! The adorable pink outfit is such a sweet touch, and the doll even comes with a magnetic pacifier and small empty bottle.  These dolls come in all shapes and sizes so customers can get a doll that is perfectly suited for them. Whether you are looking for a certain ethnicity or gender, there is such a wide range to choose from! We chose this particular baby doll simply because it looked the most like my daughter. Her dark brown hair and chubby little cheeks were just too cute to pass up! My daughter is able to change the doll’s clothes and dress her up in adorable little outfits. People in the store even think she is a real baby sitting in the shopping cart! This is definity one of the cutest dolls we have ever gotten our hands on!

Order this MiniDiva doll today, or shop all MiniDiva dolls on their websiteUntitled collage (2).jpgProduct Review


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