Keep Track Of Your Items with Orbit

I am the kind of person who would lose their head if it wasn’t attached to their body. I set something down, and completely forget where I put it. There have been days where I have been late to work simply because I can’t remember where I stuck my keys. My family is constantly making fun of me, but it honestly has become a huge issue. After doing a bit of research, I decided to test out Orbit. Orbit is a family of Bluetooth trackers that help you find lost items. Orbit is able to help track keys, wallets, glasses, and so much more! They even offer stick-on trackers for items like cameras and purses! I ordered an Orbit Key in “Shocking Pink” to help me keep track of my keys. Orbit Key uses Bluetooth technology and the free Orbit App to make your keys ring! Orbit Keys can also help you find your phone by making it ring, even when on silent! This was something that I desperately needed to get my hands on.20181212_191902.jpgOrbit Keys is fairly small, so it was extremely easy to add to my keychain.  It is has a premium aluminium waterproof casing and a replaceable battery so it is definitely built to last. The Orbit app is completely free to download, and connects to the Orbit Keys using BlueTooth technology. When out of range the last known GPS location will be shown on a map. On the app you can rename your device (in case you have more than one), change the ring sound, and many more features. Screenshot_20181212-190627_ORBITOf course I immediately tested the Orbit by having my daughter hide the keys and setting off the alarm. It was extremely quick to find the  device since the Orbit emits an extremely high pitched sound. I was able to locate my keys within seconds. Once I pressed the button to turn off the alarm, the map updated with the last known location of my keys. After I tested the app alarm, my daughter hid my phone to see if I could do a reverse search. By clicking the clear button on the orbit two times, I was able to make my phone ring even though it was on silent! This by far is one of my favorite features of the device! I can’t wait to purchase a few more of these handy gadgets for other necessities like my purse and my wallet! These are definitely a game changer!

Orbit Keys and other Orbit devices can be found at selected retailers worldwide and online at findorbit.comProduct Review


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