Edoughble: Cookie Dough Done Right

Like any other normal human being, I absolutely love cookie dough! Although I know I am not supposed to eat raw cookie dough, I sometimes do it anyway. I mean, the CDC literally JUST released a big statement saying that raw dough can contain bacteria that can cause disease. Okay CDC, stop telling us how to live our lives! No, but really, raw cookie dough can give you Salmonella amongst other things. That is why I am continuing my cookie dough cravings safely with Edoughble! Edoughble is cookie dough made with premium ingredients that provide a “straight from the mixing bowl” taste without the use of egg, flour, or chemical leavener. Basically this means that I can binge on cookie dough without feeling guilty! Edoughble features classic flavors such as chocolate chip (Chocolate Chip Off The Ol’ Block), birthday cake (Birthday Bash),  and cookies and cream (Cookies N’ Dreams). They also have a wide variety of unique flavors like a cold brew infused cookie dough (Cold Brew Espresso Chip) and a sugary whipped vanilla loaded with candy coated chocolate ( Candy Crush). In the “Gimme Five” box  you get five of Edoughble’s top flavors which include Chocolate Chip off the Ol’ Block, Birthday Bash, Cookies n’ Dream, S’More Please, Snicker-Dude. Not only are the containers resealable, but on the inside of each container there is a small plastic spoon! Out of the five flavors, the birthday cake flavor was BY FAR my favorite! The cookie dough was a nice creamy texture and tasted absolutely amazing! I will definitely be placing another order with Edoughble soon, because their new Salt n’ Swirl Caramel flavor looks way too good to pass up! I definitely can’t wait to try them all!

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