Suzy Snooze from BleepBleeps

Bedtime, for most parents, is the most difficult part of the day. A lot of children, like my daughter Kinsley for example, have a lot of issues getting to sleep and staying asleep. It is also a hassle to keep her from sneaking in our bed in the middle of the night. The Suzy Snooze from BleepBleeps is trying to change the way kids and parents feel about bedtime. Suzy Snooze is a smart sleep machine The long-range HD audio baby monitor lets parents listen in on their children and the auto soothe cry detection instantly changes Suzy to a baby shusher. The low-energy LED night light emits a warm orange light that is soft and comforting. Unlike most night lights, it isn’t bright enough to keep children awake; but is enough light to keep them calm in a dark room. The night light also stays cool to the touch, so no worries about baby hurting themselves when they get a little curious. The built-in white noise machine and sound maker has a great lullaby selection for getting children calm enough to fall asleep. Once it is time to wake up in the morning Suzy Snooze’s Wake Time serves as an alarm clock which tells children that it is okay to get out of bed. The alarm isn’t loud and scary, but instead is light and energizing. All of these features can be viewed and controlled by the free smartphone app. Suzy plugs into an outlet and connects to the BleepBleeps app iOS / Android via bluetooth. This device is a great tool for setting a bedtime routine in place. Children young and old will enjoy its features, while parents will love the peace of mind it brings! 

Order your Suzy Snooze on AMAZON!

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(Giveaway will be live from February 18th to March 6th. This giveaway is hosted by BleepBleeps)

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