Truly Lifelike Baby Girl Zola from

Everyone welcome baby Zola to our ever-growing baby doll collection! This Truly Lifelike Baby Girl Zola is from our friends at Zola is a 16 inch doll that weighs about 2lbs. She has soft life-like material on her face, arms, and lets while her body is a soft plush texture. Zola arrives wearing a white baby romper adorned with many green dinosaur patterns and a green vest coat, plus she can fit in most baby doll outfits and newborn gowns! She also comes with a soft white blanket and a real baby bottle! When I got Zola in the mail, I knew my daughter Kinsley was going to be super excited. She looked exactly like the pictures from the website and had absolutely no imperfections! As soon as Kinsley opened the box she was jumping with joy! Unlike some of her other silicone baby dolls, Zola has a head full of hair that Kinsley can brush and decorate with different bows and clips! We’ve never gotten a lifelike doll with a head full of hair before! Kinsley can dress her up and customize her from head to toe! Her lips are also magnetic, so her little pacifier stays in place making Zola look even more life-like! We are so impressed with this doll, that Banydoll may be our new go-to for dolls in the future! It is safe to say that Kinsley has a new favorite doll: Sweet baby Zola!

Order your very own Baby Zola HERE!PicMonkey Collage

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